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Who is the Irritable Yogi?

I'm a yoga teacher and for many people that will conjure up thoughts of a person who's peaceful, tranquil, and spiritual.  That's not me.  As a matter of fact, people like that irritate me.

This is not a blog about yoga although I do write about my thoughts and experiences as a yoga teacher. 

This blog is about my thoughts on life.  


 Very little in life fails to cause me irritation.  I can be irritated by nice people because sometimes they're just too damn nice.  I am irritated every time I go out into the world, which I do regularly.  I'm irritated by politics, religion, bumper stickers, fabrics, people who eat too loudly, drivers, my mother, my siblings, and often, most of all, I'm irritated with myself.

I will never run out of things to write about.  

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